Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Night Of Talent

I was inspired by a song I heard. My dad sings the chorus of this hilarious song to my kids, he really plays it up with crazy vocals and silly movements and they absolutely adore it, giggles galore! He sent the original version to us via itunes a while ago and as I listened to it for the 15th time (they played it repeatedly for themselves and again for every one of their friends who stopped by the house) I had an idea… I thought this song would be perfect for a talent show! Its upbeat tempo, nonsensical lyrics and catchy tune make it ideal for entertainment.

So, what to do when you have a supreme talent show act and yet no talent show in which to perform? A dilemma I pondered a mere second or two until I was magnificently inspired: I would hold my very own talent show!

We like to get together with friends for dinner and games. I thought this would be a great group to invite to my talent show. Instead of dinner and games we’d enjoy dinner and a talent show! I got everyone to agree to a date and time before I told them that this time around the evening would be slightly different. Initially my awesome idea was met with some hesitancy. For instance, my husband’s response was “What kind of crack are you smoking?” And several others were convinced they had no talent to share. But I held my ground and assured them it would be so much fun, plus they couldn’t back out since we already had a confirmed date! (yes, intentionally sneaky on my part)

The night of the talent show proved to live up to my prediction. I, along with everyone else, laughed for hours on end. Of course some of my laughter was encouraged by the margaritas I was drinking, but even without the liquid courage, it would have been just as full of joy and livelihood. Every single person participated (a requirement), shedding new light on their creativity. We had singing, dancing, a magic show, juggling, a game we all took part in, musical body parts, yoga poses, guitar, and more. It truly was a special evening, not to mention highly entertaining!

I encourage everyone to add a little spice to their dinner-with-friends nights. Next time mix it up a little and do something out of the ordinary. Tradition is marvelous and serves to create wonderful memories, but so does the unexpected. Every once in a while throw a curve ball and have some major fun!

The song of inspiration? Does Your Chewing Gum Lose it’s Flavor (On the Bedpost Overnight)? By Lonnie Donegan and His Skiffle Group (Thanks, Dad!!)

Look it up and listen. It will bring a smile to your face!

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  1. Way to go, Tanna!! BIG memory maker, LOTS of fun and so very inclusive!! LOVE IT!!!